Lessons Policies


Noel Catura




Lesson Rates

  • Monthly tuition is $168.00 (4 lessons) or $210.00 (5 lessons) - $42 per ½ hour x 4 or 5 lessons per month



  • Live one on one lessons(when available): Cash, check, credit cards accepted. Credit cards will have a 2.85% processing fee.
  • Online Lessons: Mailed check, PayPal, Venmo using (ncatura@gmail.com as code)
  • Payment is due at the 1st lesson of the month - which guarantees your lesson time for the month.
  • A $10 late fee will be added to payments not received by the 2nd lesson of the month.
  • Payment not received by the third week will result in the loss of your permanent lesson time.


Missed Lessons

  • Parents and students are advised to pick a time that will work on a long-term basis.
  • There are no make-up lessons.
  • Missed lessons will not be deducted from payment regardless of the reason or amount of notice given.
  • My performance schedule requires me to occasionally miss lessons. You will not be charged for any lessons that I have to miss.
  • If you are taking an extended vacation (3 or more weeks) and wish to keep your lesson time and day when you return, you have the option to pay only 50% of the lesson time that is agreed to being unattended.


Discontinuing Lessons

  • Please give at least 2 weeks notice when discontinuing lessons.


Required Materials

  • Books to be determined on an individual basis
  • Noel Catura Lesson Organizer


Other Items Students are Encouraged to Purchase

  • Tuner
  • Metronome
  • Play Along CD’s
  • Recordings of Professional Musicians – Ask for Suggestions


A Typical Lesson

  • 10 Minutes – warming up, technique, exercises in breathing, flexibility, tone, finger dexterity, posture, etc.
  • 10 Minutes – songs, etudes, classical solo literature, jazz etudes, jazz improv, theory, etc.
  • 10 Minutes – free time, sight-reading, unassigned music the student would like to learn, school music, preparing for an audition, TV or movie themes, how to play their favorite CD – classical, jazz, hip hop, rock, etc. It doesn’t even have to have woodwinds in it. If the student doesn’t have anything they would like to work on, we will either keep working on the assignments or sight-read duets.



  • Students are expected to practice 30 minutes a day or more because studying music involves more than just attending weekly lessons.
  • The best way to practice is to set aside a time and place everyday where there are no distractions. This time should include a warm up, practice of your assignments and school music. Playing through the easy parts may be fun, but it is not practicing—improving challenging parts is.
  • Students who repeatedly come unprepared will be asked to discontinue lessons until they find the time to take it seriously.


I appreciate your cooperation and support on these policies. You or your children are very important to me and I want to give the best education I can. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Thank you.............................for asking me to share my musical knowledge and talent.


Noel Catura




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  • Private Lessons Locations:
  • Online Lessons ( using FaceTime, Zoom ) 408.230.5969 for info
  • San Jose, CA area teaching at Music Village - http://www.musvil.com/