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Merry Christmas to all and to all a Happy New Year! 

I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and hoping you all have a great new year!  I haven't given a post in a year I apologize for that but I want to keep doing this so maybe give me some motivational help for encouragement?  I'm looking forward to 2018 because I finally going to continue to work on my next CD of original tunes!  Yay!

More next post!



Happy New 2016! 

Hi everyone!
Well it's the last day of the year and I'm here at the Grand Sierra Resort Casino with Big City Revue for their New Year's Eve High Rollers party!  I wish everyone a very prosperous 2016!

Selmer Saxophone has a New Endorsing Artist! 

Good news everyone! I made the big time - I am officially an Endorsing Artist for Selmer Paris!  You may be wondering what that means -  I can claim that I am endorsed by Selmer Paris, receive a great discount on a Selmer saxophone, and I receive a pass for the NAMM Show showing the title of endorsement on my name badge. According to the Selmer staff that I have talked too -  I am a live, walking & talking billboard for their products.  I am honored---Thank you Selmer Paris!


Soulful Situation Album music used for TV Series! 

Hi folks,
An estimated debut is being scheduled sometime before end of 2014 of the new satilite TV Series "Happiest Medium" hosted by Inspirational speaker, Life Coach and Medium Erica Glessing.  I will be featured as the musical posse to bring on guest for each episode.  I will keep you updated on actual date, yeah!  

Cesaria Song for upcoming Album! 

Hey People,
I lost my mom June 13, 2013 and on that day I wrote a tune for her on the way home after seeing her for the last time in her house.  She was always very special to me as most moms are to their kids.  Here is some footage of her song without music backround.
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